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IMbrella Enables Businesses To Detect, Block, Control, Secure And Archive IM Communications

GAYLORD, MI — June 7, 2005 —, an international provider of messaging and security software, announced today that it will partner with IMbrella Software, Inc. ( to market the IMbrella suite of instant messaging management solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Expert in the communication and security needs of businesses engaged in electronic messaging, is well positioned to deliver IMbrella’s cost-effective IM-management solutions to corporate, educational and government entities worldwide.

Given current publicity surrounding the security risks inherent in real-time communication on corporate networks and new federal and industry regulations governing email and IM record retention, the addition of IMbrella products to’s Messaging suite is both timely and astute. Its popular mail server, VisNetic MailServer, features a built-in instant messaging server that secures internal IM transmissions via encrypted, SSL connections. With IMbrella, will extend security and control to public IM communications on corporate networks (e.g. AIM, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo). The addition of IMbrella enables to offer corporate IT managers the capability to detect, block, control, secure and archive IM communications—public and private—across their networks.

“As early-adopters, has long recognized IM as a valuable business tool,” said Mike Deerfield, Chief Executive Officer of “For business communications, our staff relies on IM extensively, as do many of our technology partners, resellers and customers,” Deerfield explained. “Now a ubiquitous business communication tool, IM affords organizations of all sizes the ability to easily and affordably correspond and collaborate in real-time,” Deerfield continued. “As with email, the next step will be to secure, monitor and archive IM communications. The IMbrella solution will meet this need, giving IT administrators flexible and proactive control of all IM communication on their networks.”

“IMbrella’s IM management software provides a range of administrator controls that are simple to deploy and use, transparent to users, affordable and scalable,” said Deerfield. “In short, it is a natural fit for our product suite and in keeping with’s commitment to providing unsurpassed value to its customers.”

“Instant messaging via free public IM platforms like AOL IM can be a significant business tool, but until now, managing it was something only Fortune 500 companies could afford,” said Marty Schultz, CEO of IMbrella. “Our new SMB product line makes IM management easy and cost-effective for overworked IT Managers and CTO’s.”

IMbrella products include:
  • IM Detector: Detect excessive Instant Message Use/Abuse on an ongoing basis BY USER.
  • IM Spotlight: Monitor one problem employee for one month.
  • IM Blocker: Blocks all AOL, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ, regardless of IP address, URL, website or port number.
  • IM Blocker Plus: Blocks all AOL, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ, but allows administrators to designate specific time periods when IM is allowed.
  • IM GateKeeper: Enables management to pick and choose who has IM access
  • IMbrella Secure Enterprise: Enables IT managers to control IM privileges for all employees.
  • IMbrella Secure Enterprise Pro: Enables IT managers to control and archive IM for all employees. Both versions of IMbrella Secure Enterprise feature standard usage reports and the ability to view live conversations.
  • IMbrella Enterprise Compliance: Meets compliance standards for NASD and HIPAA-regulated firms.

Pricing and Availability

IMbrella solutions offered by will start at $99.00 US and license options will allow organizations to incrementally add as few or as many features as they need. will introduce IMbrella to its online product suite in June 2005.

About IMbrella Software, Inc.:

IMbrella safeguards public instant message use for companies, schools and government organizations of all sizes around the globe. The Company provides a complete line of simple and affordable tools that detect, block, control, secure and archive IM, including all AOL, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ traffic. IMbrella is the only Company that provides this full range of customized IM management products. Based in Salem, NH, with offices in the Bay Area and South Florida, IMbrella is dedicated to providing tools whose simplicity and functionality helps overworked IT managers manage the exploding use of unregulated IM in their organization.


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