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Popular Mail Server Will Be Exhibited Alongside VisNetic MailFlow, The Company’s Email Response Management Software

GAYLORD, MI — May 12, 2005 —, an international provider of messaging and security software, will showcase VisNetic MailServer and VisNetic MailFlow at Inbox:IT West, June 1st and 2nd in San Jose, California. In line with the event’s focus, company representatives will demonstrate VisNetic MailServer’s anti spam capabilities, including technology designed to combat phishing, and its built-in instant messaging server. Representatives will also invite attending messaging professionals to see firsthand the effectiveness and ease with which VisNetic MailFlow can be used to improve email response management.

“The threat posed by spam has not abated,” explained Mike Deerfield, Chief Executive Officer of “As a result, anti spam technologies remain the central focus of conferences like Inbox and attendees continue in their search for a messaging solution that will provide effective, comprehensive spam filtering,” Deerfield continued. “Anti spam tools prevalent right now include SpamAssassin, Bayesian filters, challenge-response and use of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), designed specifically to prevent phishing. Because each of these anti spam technologies can be found native in VisNetic MailServer, it is well-positioned as the best, most cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange and its many, single-purpose add-ons,” Deerfield concluded.

“We are also seeing a growing interest in instant messaging, with particular attention being paid to the security of transmissions and interoperability with popular public IM servers,” Deerfield commented. “VisNetic MailServer includes a built-in instant messaging server that meets these demands. Instant messages on VisNetic Mail Server are secured via encrypted, SSL connections,” Deerfield explained. “Furthermore, the instant messaging server supports Jabber, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ.”

In addition to VisNetic MailServer, will exhibit VisNetic MailFlow, its email response management software. “Most organizations realize the importance of capitalizing on all inbound inquiries they receive. It’s amazingly difficult to acquire new customers, so it is imperative to maximize those you do have or those that are interested enough in your organization to contact you directly. Yet, during the course of business, I am continually amazed at the number of online organizations offering sales, customer service or support via email that either never respond, respond in an untimely fashion, or provide astoundingly unprofessional responses to business email.” Deerfield stated.

Deerfield is confident that once show attendees see firsthand how VisNetic MailFlow allows them to route customer email correspondence to appropriate personnel and track response time and quality, they will want to discuss implementation in their own organizations. “VisNetic MailFlow has a value-proposition that is difficult to ignore,” Deerfield noted. “It is relatively simple to deploy, extremely easy to use and priced far below other email management solutions.”


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