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VisNetic MailServer 8.0 Introduces Streamlined Administration Console
Windows Mail Server Is Simple Enough For Small Business, Powerful Enough For ISPs

GAYLORD, MI — March 15, 2005 —, an international provider of messaging and security software, announced today the upcoming launch of VisNetic MailServer 8.0, featuring a brand new administration console with customizable toolbar, new monitoring and statistical analysis tools, and centralized services management. Changes introduced in this version of the popular mail server will bolster existing customer loyalty while furthering the mail server’s steady consumption of mail server market share.

In VisNetic MailServer 8.0, a new interface organizes mail server components into an easy-to-use, always-visible tree menu. The tree menu is fully customizable, allowing administrators to eliminate options rarely used. Administrators may also create a custom toolbar within the interface, placing often-used functions just one click away. Finally, the entire interface may be localized in the administrator’s native language. These options combine to allow administrators to create a mail server console specifically suited to their needs—easing mail server administration, improving productivity and reducing IT costs.

To further assist mail server administrators, all options related to mail services have been centralized under one panel. From this panel, administrators may edit service properties and start, stop or restart services via easy-to-use right click menus. They may also view service statistics here, enjoying new monitoring and statistical analysis tools that produce graphical charts depicting number of connections, number of messages, a list of sessions, and more.

“VisNetic MailServer has always appealed to a very diverse audience,” said Mike Deerfield, Chief Executive Officer of “Its customer base ranges from small businesses with a handful of employees to large ISPs providing hosted email services to thousands of users,” he continued. “The new administrative console and tools serve to ease the burden of mail server administration for both types of organizations, without sacrificing reliability or security—critical for small companies with limited IT resources—or the power, speed and flexibility required by enterprise organizations and ISPs.”

Additional improvements to VisNetic MailServer’s Administrative Capabilities include:

  • New Command Line Tool - VisNetic MailServer 8.0 features a new command line tool that allows administrators the ability to modify all mail server settings from a simple command line. The tool supports creation, deletion or modification of any account and/or domain on the mail server.

  • User and Domain Groups - Administrators may now group like users and domains and make subsequent changes to their account settings collectively. This feature is ideal for large ISPs and enterprise users.

  • New Interface for Account Maintenance - In previous versions of VisNetic MailServer, account defaults were stored and manually updated in a text file. In version 8.0, administrators can easily set account defaults via a Windows interface that includes pre-set field values. Similarly, mailing list members may now be added via a Windows interface.

  • WebMail Password Verification - An easy to use verification system has been added that will allow Web mail users the ability to retrieve forgotten passwords without mail administrator assistance.

Pricing and Availability

VisNetic MailServer pricing remains unchanged with this major version release. VisNetic MailServer 8.0 is a one-time, license-based software solution. Pricing is based on number of users and is scaled to fit the financial needs of any organization, starting at $360.00 USD for a Pro 12-User license and graduating to $1,950.00 USD for a Pro Unlimited User license. Additional bundle options include the VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in and VisNetic GroupWare.

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