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Review Highlights Antivirus And Anti Spam Protection, Stability, Ease Of Use

GAYLORD, MI — November 12, 2004 — Playing up its rich and highly configurable feature set, Jim Thompson, a reviewer for ISP-Planet and, calls VisNetic MailServer a good choice for the complex messaging environments typical of ISPs. Adopting the self-assured vernacular of the typical New Yorker however, Thompson reminds his ISP audience that VisNetic MailServer--widely acknowledged for its stability--remains “as close to trouble-free as they come.” Read the full review.

Thompson writes, “Fuhgeddaboutit! That's what most ISPs want to do with their mail server. Install, set, and forget is the ideal. Unfortunately, that seldom happens and most spend hours tweaking, refining, and troubleshooting. It's not perfect, but VisNetic MailServer 7.5.3 from Gaylord, Mich.-based is about as close to trouble-free as they come.”

In addition to its stability, Thompson calls attention to other ISP-friendly features found in VisNetic MailServer:

  • “Among its many features are strong anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities, open API, an Instant Messaging system, support for multi-processors, ODBC, and load balancing capability.”

  • “In addition to support for multiple domains, you can set an expiration date for any domain, which makes billing and collection much easier for the harried ISP.”

  • “Other options in this area include setting a domain disk quota, domain user limits, email notification before a domain expires, and the ability to send a welcome message to new users.”

Speaking directly to ISPs, Thompson is well aware that effective anti virus and anti spam constitute “basic needs” in today’s highly competitive Internet service market. As a result, Thompson devotes a good deal of real estate to VisNetic MailServer’s Instant AntiSpam engine and’s VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in for MailServer.

Calling the VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in one of VisNetic MailServer’s best features, Thompson reports: “We threw just about everything we could find at it and not once did it allow a virus to slip through. I even had our resident virus expert try to slip me some of the newest threats. It rejected all of them without even the slightest fuss.”

Upon testing VisNetic MailServer’s anti spam war chest—which includes a Bayesian Filter, HTML Filters, SpamAssassin Filters, support for the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), and Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBL)—Thompson testifies, “with all this firepower, about all the spammers can do is 'washda daws' to potential victims close.” Translated: “All spammers can do is watch the door close.”

“We continue to see more VisNetic MailServer customers using the product to provide hosted email services to thousands of customers,” said Mike Deerfield, CEO of “I expect this trend to continue,” Deerfield explained. “Because it is so feature rich and extensible, it is an excellent fit for service providers.”

Pricing and Availability

VisNetic MailServer is a one-time, license-based software solution available for evaluation and purchase from or any authorized Reseller. Pricing is based on number of users and is scaled to fit the financial needs of any organization, starting at $360.00 USD for a 12-User license.


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