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Dynamic DNS And Remote Control Available In One Solution’s DNS2Go Now Includes Integrated Remote Control Software

GAYLORD, MI — April 28, 2004 —, an International provider of dynamic DNS services, announced today the integration of remote control software in its popular DNS2Go product. The inclusion of VNC, Virtual Network Computing software, in DNS2Go makes a one-stop shop for customers seeking dynamic DNS and remote control capability.

Traditional roadblocks to telecommuting have included dynamically assigned IP addresses and remote control software that requires a known IP address in order to remotely connect to a PC. With’s DNS2Go, telecommuters and technology professionals can now remotely control a home or office PC, simply and affordably, even if the computer is assigned an ever-changing IP address.

“A good portion of our DNS2Go customers utilize our service to enable third party remote control software like pcAnywhere™,” said Mike Deerfield, CEO of “By integrating the popular and highly functional VNC software, we have not only simplified configuration and use for those requiring remote access to computers from home or on the road, but we have reduced the cost to them and/or their organization,” said Deerfield. “This is a cost savings of nearly $180.00 per license.”

The open source version of VNC, developed by RealVNC™, has been freely available since 1998, and more than 20 million copies of the software have been downloaded. The software has also appeared on numerous magazine cover disks, and for several years, all popular versions of Linux have included VNC. It is in active use by millions and virtually all Fortune 500 companies use VNC.

VNC makes it possible to view and fully-interact with one computer from any other computer or mobile device anywhere on the Internet. For ultimate simplicity, there is even a Java viewer, so that any desktop can be controlled remotely from within a browser without having to install software. Additionally, VNC allows several connections to the same desktop, providing an invaluable tool for collaboration or shared workspace.

Combined with the recently launched Email Routing service, DNS2Go now provides users:

  • Password protected, remote access to any computer from any location on the Internet
  • Dynamic DNS service for top level/primary domains
  • HTTP, port and offline redirection services
  • Email hosting for mail sent to or from your domain
  • Backup email service for corporate email servers

“DNS2Go has always featured technologically advanced dynamic DNS and basic email services for home and business users,” said Mike Deerfield. “Today however, the inclusion of remote control software and advanced, self-serve email services truly sets it apart from the competition. DNS2Go is the most functional, cost-effective tool available for anyone who wishes to host a server application on a dynamically assigned IP address, remotely control one computer from another or host their own email.”

Pricing and Availability

Annual DNS2Go subscriptions are available for single and multiple-domain, personal and commercial use accounts. Personal DNS2Go accounts start at $19.95 US per year for a single domain. Commercial DNS2Go accounts start at $59.95 US per year for a single domain and include one year of Email Routing.

Personal account holders can purchase Email Routing service for $59.95 US per year per domain. Commercial account holders receive Email Routing for one year on one domain at no additional charge. Email Routing service for additional commercial domains is available at $59.95 US per year per domain. also offers top-level domain name registration for personal and commercial users. A single, top-level domain registration for personal use is $44.95 US per year and includes one year of DNS2Go service. A single, top-level domain registration for commercial use is $84.95 US and includes one year of DNS2Go service and one year of Email Routing service.


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