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Professional Rules-Based Firewall Now Includes Advanced Features Providing Administrators Remote Administration and Intrusion Prevention from Hackers

GAYLORD, MI — June 24, 2003 —, a leading provider of Internet software and services for growing businesses, announced today the launch of VisNetic Firewall 2.0, featuring improvements that help small-to-medium enterprises safeguard their workstations, servers, and networks connected to the Internet.

VisNetic Firewall is a software solution built to provide stateful packet level protection to Windows-based servers, stand alone PCs and LAN workstations. VisNetic Firewall is more secure than application-based personal firewalls, yet less expensive than high-end firewalls. Version 2.0 extends the security and value of VisNetic Firewall by including additional management and intrusion detection features.

“Firewall protection is undoubtedly important to all computers connected to the Internet today. However, equally critical is the need to proactively protect the open ports of computers – such as port 80 on a web server, which would remain open for website traffic. Without this level of protection, open ports can become easy prey for hackers attempting to access a system,” said Mike Deerfield, Chief Executive Officer of “The release of VisNetic Firewall 2.0 includes advanced technologies to identify and block such attacks, plus the Remote Administration necessary to monitor, react, and adjust the firewall settings as required.”

VisNetic Firewall 2.0 Major Features Include:

    * Remote Administration of the firewall through secure authentication allows access, monitoring, and administration the firewall from any location
    * Internet Web Server Protection checks requests to a web server, recognizes malicious activity, and blocks attempted attacks automatically
    * Port Scan Detection identifies port scans, which are generally a precursor to hack attempts, and automatically blocks them

Pricing and Availability

VisNetic Firewall 2.0 is a one-time, license-based software solution. Pricing is based on version of the software (Workstation, Server, or Network) and is scaled to fit the financial needs of any organization, starting at $69.95 USD for a single Workstation license and graduating to $6,569.95 USD for an Unlimited User Network license.

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