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Gaylord, Michigan – March 5, 2003 –®, a leading provider of Internet connectivity, messaging, and security software, announces its new VisNetic line of flagship products. VisNetic solutions provide value to businesses operating in today’s unpredictable economy, affordably leading them through the compulsory phases for creating a successful online entity able to serve and communicate with its visitors effectively.

“The reality of our economy today is that businesses worldwide are scrutinizing every revenue and expense center within their organization to determine the real value of each to their survivability. With the changing economy also comes a shift from a ‘sellers market’ to a ‘buyers market’. Now more than ever, companies must ensure they are capitalizing on every lead and opportunity while super-servicing their customers,” said Mike Deerfield, CEO of “Additionally, when a company does business online, secure connectivity, reliable hosting, trusted security, and diligent email management are key to profitable business. Combining WinGate with the VisNetic software suite provides best-of-class products that collectively meet the unique needs of Internet based companies or traditional brick-and-mortar organizations evolving and expanding to online business - providing an economical start-to-finish solution.”

About the VisNetic Suite: Building Blocks for Effective Communication

The addition of the VisNetic software to's suite facilitates the four major phases an organization completes to communicate effectively with customers, vendors, and partners via the Internet.

Phase I – Connect: Companies first need a cost effective connection to the Internet for their entire network. This entry-level participation on the Internet allows for at-your-fingertips research, nearly instantaneous electronic communication, online collaboration, and monitoring of an industry and its competition. Software solutions to implement:

Phase II – Host: Next, companies need to establish their identity online, which elevates the company’s presence on the Internet from an average user ( and to a brand-building organization ( and Software solutions to implement:

Phase III – Secure: With company assets accessible via the Internet and internally via an intranet, companies must implement both perimeter (servers, public interfaces) and interior (workstation) security solutions to avoid hackers, intruders, viruses, and prying eyes. Software solutions to implement:

Phase IV – Manage: After establishing and securing an online presence, companies must answer customer inquiries accurately and quickly, monitor customer/employee correspondence, collect potential customer leads, and announce new products or special offers. Software solutions to implement:

About® is a leading Internet software and services provider. The company, founded in 1994 and headquartered in Gaylord, Mich., specializes in Internet software solutions designed to optimize Internet connectivity for small-to-medium sized businesses and organizations. publishes a leading suite of Internet connectivity, messaging, and security products distributed via ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) globally through both direct and multi-tiered Distribution Channels. From its flagship Internet sharing solution including proxy/firewall/VPN support: WinGate®, to its dynamic DNS service: DNS2Go®, continues to bring its Vision of the Internet to its customers via a newly commissioned family of products, appropriately named VisNetic.

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