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WinGate 5.0 is released!

Gaylord, Michigan -®, a leading provider of Internet optimization and connectivity software, and Qbik, a pioneering development organization, today announced the release of WinGate 5.0. WinGate, the first Windows-based proxy server, introduces WinGate VPN functionality, VisNetic AntiVirus and GateFilter Plug-in support, and a built-in Email Server.

"First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge the effort put forth from Qbik, the developers of WinGate, on this release. Since the early versions of WinGate dating back to 1995, we envisioned WinGate evolving from an Internet sharing proxy server, into a comprehensive Internet connectivity gateway which would allow users access to their critical data from anywhere, at any time," said Mike Deerfield, CEO of "Although hardware-based Internet sharing devices, such as broadband routers, provide a simple tool to share an Internet connection, and establish firewall protection; WinGate 5.0 customers will benefit from the extended flexibility, security, and power not offered by these devices. I'm pleased to announce WinGate 5.0 as the complete solution to meet the needs of our customers with network and Internet resource sharing, security features to protect and defend these resources, a single interface for centralized administration and an affordable price tag."

About WinGate 5.0

WinGate 5.0 builds upon its core feature set as a proxy server allowing users to:

  • Share an Internet connection: Save money by allowing an entire network to share a single Internet account simultaneously - upon the installation of WinGate share any type of Internet connection (T-1, Satellite, DSL, cable modem, dialup, etc.) immediately using advanced technologies (NAT, DHCP, DNS, etc.).
  • Monitor and maintain the integrity of Internet usage: Enforce company policies regarding Internet connectivity through Logging features that allow the Administrator to view all Internet traffic, Content Filtering supplied by the GateFilter plug-in, Banlists and Rules for individual users and groups, user authentication, integrating an NT user database, auditing, accounting, and more.
  • Host a VPN: WinGate VPN is a complete VPN solution that allows organizations to benefit from a full implementation of Windows networking and resource sharing, regardless of location on the Internet, using advanced security features including SSL, x509 certificates, a packet filtering firewall, and more.
  • Protect the network: WinGate’s complete security solution includes a configurable Firewall that prevents incoming hack attempts. The VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in provides antivirus protection for all Internet traffic (email, Internet browsing, FTP, etc.) routed through WinGate.
  • Host Email: WinGate’s fully functional POP3/SMTP server allows the administration of email in-house, instead or relying on an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Create rules and restrictions for the workload on the email server and for individual users, filter spam, filter viruses, save sent and received messages on the email server, and more.
WinGate 5.0 Pricing and Availability

WinGate is available at introductory prices ranging from $69.95 USD for a 3-user license for small-to-medium sized organizations to $2499.95 USD for an unlimited user license for larger organizations.

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About Qbik

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Qbik has a dynamic, modern management structure geared to the pursuit of innovative thinking and leadership. Qbik’s focus is purely on the development of world-class software; leaving the marketing and distribution functions to This relationship provides the Qbik developers with the time to concentrate on improving our products and continue innovating. For more information on Qbik visit

About® is a leading Internet software and services provider. The company, founded in 1994 and headquartered in Gaylord, Michigan, specializes in Internet software solutions designed to optimize Internet connectivity for small-to-medium sized businesses and organizations. publishes a leading suite of Internet connectivity, messaging, and security products distributed via ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) globally through both direct and multi-tiered Distribution Channels. From its flagship Internet sharing solution including proxy/firewall/VPN support: WinGate®, to its dynamic DNS service: DNS2Go™, continues to bring its Vision of the Internet to its customers via a newly commissioned family of products, appropriately named VisNetic. For more information on® visit

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