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WinGate VPN 1.0 is released!

Gaylord, Michigan -®, a leading provider of Internet optimization and connectivity software, and Qbik, a pioneering development organization, today announced the release of WinGate VPN 1.0, a complete Virtual Private Network package.

“The release of WinGate VPN brings all the advantages of VPN to our customers. Enterprises have enjoyed VPN functionality for several years to facilitate telecommuters, traveling sales associates, branch offices, and dispersed workforces or customers. However, the method of deploying these solutions was highly technical and costly. Qbik and Deerfield set out to develop WinGate VPN as a reliable, secure, affordable, and scalable solution for small to medium sized businesses that would rival the VPN servers hosted by Big Business,” said Mike Deerfield, CEO of “WinGate VPN was developed as an effective, yet inexpensive solution that will allow organizations to serve a secure WAN [Wide Area Network] using the public Internet as the backbone. Internally, we’ve described the solution as, “VPN for the common man.”

Why Use VPN

VPN’s are especially valuable for businesses with remote locations or a need for users to securely share resources using the Internet. Several methods for sharing data exist, including the commission of a dedicated connection or dial-up modem banks to a company’s network. Virtual Private Networks provide an alternative to the high cost and time commitment associated with creating a secure connection, such as a leased line or dial-up service. A VPN creates a secure channel to pass information over an existing public network, such as the Internet. By utilizing a pre-existing network infrastructure, such as the Internet, recurring fees are effectively reduced to zero.

About WinGate VPN 1.0

WinGate VPN 1.0 utilizes a secure, encrypted tunnel providing a full implementation of Windows networking via the Internet. WinGate VPN serves extended networking capabilities to remote clients, LAN-to-LAN internetworking, and controlled access within an Intranet. WinGate VPN assures simple installation, maintenance, and scalability through a centrally administered and intuitive WinGate interface. WinGate VPN is compatible with nearly all network setups (including all Windows OS’s and all IP-based protocols) and, therefore, requires no additional hardware, software, or maintenance. Also, WinGate VPN supports dynamic (dialup) connections and NAT based connections to qualified VPN clients. WinGate VPN provides security measures that exceed industry standards, including SSL encryption, authentication, x509 certificates, and a packet filtering firewall, and features not offered in other VPN solutions, including real time activity monitoring, customized routes and NT user integration. Additionally, its price point makes it one of the most affordable VPN solutions available.

WinGate VPN Pricing and Availability

WinGate VPN licensing is available in 5 different license types. WinGate VPN Server and Advanced Server introductory prices range from $99.95 USD for a single VPN Server license to $3489.95 USD for a 6 user Advanced Server license. WinGate VPN Remote Client and Gateway introductory prices range from $79.95 USD for a single Remote Client license to $999.95 USD for an Unlimited user Gateway license.

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About Qbik

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Qbik has a dynamic, modern management structure geared to the pursuit of innovative thinking and leadership. Qbik’s focus is purely on the development of world-class software; leaving the marketing and distribution functions to This relationship provides the Qbik developers with the time to concentrate on improving our products and continue innovating.

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