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VisNetic MailCast delivers permission-based messaging

Gaylord, Michigan -®, a leading provider of Internet optimization, connectivity and security software, today announced a strategic alliance with the Italian software publisher and developer, Achab, to publish VisNetic MailCast. VisNetic MailCast is a messaging tool designed for small to medium-sized businesses to assist in outbound email communications with their customers.

“VisNetic MailCast [VMC] delivers affordable technology that facilitates two-way customer communication. The need for organizations to communicate with customers, vendors, or other members of an opt-in database is essential. While some unscrupulous companies use glorified spam tools to broadcast messages for marketing gain, legitimate organizations require a precise permission-based messaging tool. With the goal of developing a genuine customer communication solution in mind, we’ve developed VMC,” said Mike Deerfield, CEO of “Communication adds value to every relationship, including the interaction between vendors and customers. VMC brings value to both the company using the tool and the recipient of its messages.”

“When any email message reaches the Inbox of an addressee, it enters a ferocious arena where its competitors are all the other messages. In order to win the attention of the reader, the message must be welcome, interesting, to-the-point, and provide feedback on how the addressee responded to the message, ” said Andrea Veca, CEO of Achab. “Communication is the key to success of any activity involving more than one individual, no matter what the activity is: a business, non-profit organization, sports club, or alumni association. VisNetic MailCast has been designed and developed, based on experience and expertise built in years of email messaging and online development, to help to win the attention of the recipient over the competition.”

Why Email Customers

Once reasonable processes are in place, such as a Privacy Policy, opt-in procedure, and method for unsubscribing, the foundation for an effective customer conversation medium exist. Corresponding with customers through emailed newsletters, bulletins, special announcements, and promotional offers is an essential instrument for organizations collecting email addresses, either online or offline. Responses received through a well-positioned campaign net increased sales, valuable customer feedback and suggestions, and increase consumer loyalty and retention.

Opt-in recipients require and desire correspondence from a company such as: timely product updates, recalls or promotions; member or account status and information; or fact-filled newsletters or periodicals. Until now, options for small to medium sized organizations to communicate, and analyze the effectiveness of that communication, with a database of customers was limited to costly outsource campaign management.

Why VisNetic MailCast

VisNetic MailCast allows organizations to communicate effectively with customers via email campaigns that are managed, delivered, and tracked internally. Utilizing VisNetic MailCast ensures complete control and ownership of outbound campaign, protection of confidential customer data and corporate intellectual property, and a feedback mechanism to determine success of the campaign or areas for improvement.

VisNetic MailCast is composed of three modules: the Campaign Administrator, used to create and manage targeted and tailored email campaigns; the Engine, a multithread service that controls mail sending, ensuring timely delivery; and the Tracker, a Web database application that tracks opens and click-throughs for measurement of campaign effectiveness.

VisNetic MailCast Pricing and Availability

VisNetic MailCast will be available at prices ranging from $199.95 USD for a single-user license limited to 1000 email recipients to $4999.95 USD for an unlimited user license with unlimited email recipients. Public beta is now available.

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About Achab®

Founded in 1994 and located in Milano, Italy, Achab® is a software house that has been specializing in the development of web based application since late 1995, working for mid-size and large customers. In 1997, Achab opened an Electronic Software Distribution division and became exclusive distributor; now is one of the leading software e-suppliers in Italy, with a network of more than two thousand resellers purchasing through the extranet site. In 1999, Achab designed, developed and launched Internet Emporium, an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution thought for the SME market, building expertise in the production and marketing of commercially available software. Achab’s philosophy, pursued in all its activities, is to individuate the customer needs and to tailor and offer the solution that best fits these needs.

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About® is a leading Internet software and services provider. The company, founded in 1994 and headquartered in Gaylord, Mich., specializes in Internet software solutions designed to optimize Internet connectivity for small-to-medium sized businesses and organizations. publishes a leading suite of Internet connectivity, messaging, and security products distributed via ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) globally through both direct and multi-tiered Distribution Channels. From its flagship Internet sharing solution including proxy/firewall/VPN support: WinGate®, to its dynamic DNS service: DNS2Go™, continues to bring its Vision of the Internet to its customers via a newly commissioned family of products, appropriately named VisNetic.

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