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Deerfield Communications Resellers are eligible for a substantial discount, starting at 10% off list price, on select Deerfield products, and are encouraged to bundle these products with value-added services (and other products) and charge accordingly. Significant revenue potential exists for the aggressive solution provider or reseller through the proven try it before you buy it sales process.

Benefits of joining the Deerfield Communications Reseller Program:
  • Deerfield Communications will list your company name and contact, address, and company URL on our Reseller locator page- one of our most highly accessed pages.
  • Deerfield provides you with discounts, starting at 10% off list price, on eligible products.
  • Pre-Sales Support: Resellers receive priority technical support to assist in servicing your customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Access to channel-focused sales and marketing materials, pricing and partner-exclusive promotions via Deerfield's Authorized Reseller Website.
  • Not For Resale [NFR] Licenses: Deerfield Communications offers NFR licenses at significant savings so that you can become familiar with the entire product line.
  • Growth with Deerfield Communications: Resellers can take advantages of growing demand for Deerfield solutions such as DNS2Go, VisNetic MailFlow, MXPurify, Kerio Control and Kerio Connect.

*Please note: Resellers are responsible for supplying technical support to their end-users.

Partner Programs

Reseller Program
Educational/Non-profit Co-op Program