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Why Join the Deerfield Educational/Non-profit Co-op Partner Program?

Through its Co-op Partner Program, Deerfield Communications offers a 25% discount off all software purchased for use in non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Additionally, Co-op Partners receive free Technical Support. This includes 60 minutes of phone support annually and unlimited email and live chat support.

Deerfield Communications Co-op Partners Benefit from:

  • A comprehensive suite of software solutions, including the popular VisNetic MailFlow Email management system and the market-leading Kerio Control Internet connection sharing products.
  • Professional Sales and Support from Deerfield associates and technicians--we pride ourselves on providing unmatched Personal Service with a :-).
  • Educational/Non-profit Co-op Partners receive access to a private Web site that contains the product information, pricing, technical support information, online order processing, and much more.
Join the Educational/Non-profit Co-op program now!

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