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What is VisNetic MailFlow?

VisNetic MailFlow is an email-centric alternative to today's expensive, monolithic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. VisNetic MailFlow combines excellent affordability with super-fast deployment capability and extremely low management burden to offer an incredibly compelling value to small-to-medium sized businesses.

VisNetic MailFlow can quickly pay for itself by preventing the loss of a single customer.

What Does VisNetic MailFlow Do?

VisNetic MailFlow allows an organization to:

  • Route, track, and process inbound email correspondence intelligently
  • Reduce service and support costs through improved employee efficiency and productivity
  • Super-service customers and maximize profit potential with enhanced email response quality and speed
  • Gain important insights into the flow of communications throughout an organization
  • Protect and secure critical business email correspondence with centralized storage and administration

Who is VisNetic MailFlow for?

VisNetic MailFlow provides strong value to any organization that uses email to communicate with their customers. A few examples include:

  • Organizations that expose public email addresses such as info@, press@, support@, etc.
  • Companies that employ email marketing and need to manage email campaign responses
  • Government entities using email and the web to service the public
  • ISPs and other technology companies that leverage email for customer support, service and sales
  • Online retailers

How is VisNetic MailFlow Different?

When compared to traditional CRM solutions:

  • Extremely affordable
  • Incredibly easy to deploy and configure
  • Very low management burden
  • Extremely intuitive end-user interface (no training required in most cases)
  • Free 30-day trial period makes it easy to "try before you buy"
  • Provides an immediate and clear return on investment