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About Deerfield Communications

Deerfield Communications is a leading Internet software distribution and services provider. The company, founded in 1994 and headquartered in Gaylord and Traverse City, Michigan, specializes in Internet software solutions designed to optimize and secure Internet connectivity for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB's) and organizations. Deerfield Communications publishes a leading suite of Internet messaging and security products and hosts the popular DNS2Go service, providing dynamic DNS to thousands of customers. Deerfield Communications software is distributed via Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) globally through both direct, and multi-tiered Distribution Channels.

Connect, Detect, and Protect

In 1995, Deerfield Communications began connecting organizations to the Internet through its economical and effective Internet sharing solution. Today the suite has expanded from connectivity and messaging to include threat detection and protection from potential attacks.

The concept of connect, detect, and protect is our vision of the natural progression of the needs for companies utilizing the Internet to reach their customers today. "While these challenges are met by every business using the Internet," said Mike Deerfield, "Deerfield Communications is exceptionally positioned to serve small to medium-sized businesses navigating this evolution. Because we depend on the Internet for 100% of our business, and we are in this category ourselves (SMB), we truly understand the requirements needed and risks encountered by our customers".