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What is VisNetic MailServer?

VisNetic MailServer is a fully functional, high performance POP3, SMTP, IMAP, LDAP email server for Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP Pro/2003. It features a powerful, comprehensive antispam engine that uses three proven spam filtering technologies to ensure the highest possible level of spam protection. Integrated antivirus support, a built-in Instant Messaging server, Web Mail and support for VisNetic GroupWare combine to make it a superior messaging solution for customers reliant upon email for business communications. This rock solid, highly affordable mail server will meet the email needs of any organization.

What sets VisNetic MailServer apart from the rest?

  • Leading AntiSpam Technology
    VisNetic MailServer includes Instant AntiSpam, a powerful Anti Spam tool that employs:

    • A Bayesian filter that statistically calculates the probability that each inbound message is spam
    • The SpamAssassin rules-set, recognized worldwide as the most exhaustive list of spam filters to date
    • A Challenge-Response system that ensures that messages are being sent from a human being, as opposed to a spamming machine.

    In addition to these anti spam tools, VisNetic MailServer also features standard relay checking, reverse DNS lookup, MX record verification, RBL checking and extensive email content filtering.

    Spamming techniques change at a rapid pace. By layering these powerful and highly configurable spam blocking methodologies, VisNetic MailServer provides unmatched anti spam capabilities. No other mail server available today offers this comprehensive array of spam filtering tools natively. Users of competing mail servers must purchase and deploy separate anti spam technologies to reach the spam filtering capability of VisNetic MailServer.

  • Integrated Support for VisNetic GroupWare
    VisNetic GroupWare is comprehensive, easy to use collaboration software. GroupWare enables shared calendars, address books, appointments, reminders, and more. GroupWare allows collaboration through Outlook 2000/2002/XP/2003, Web Mail, and Instant Notifications through Instant Messaging, a feature not available in other solutions. VisNetic GroupWare's ease of implementation (GroupWare connections can be established in a matter of minutes by non-IT personnel) and its affordable price point set it apart from competing calendaring solutions.

  • Instant Messaging
    VisNetic MailServer features integrated and secure Instant Messaging (IM) for concise, immediate communication between employees at one or more locations in your organization and with partners and customers all over the world. This secure, proprietary IM server is compatible with the Jabber open XML protocol and instant messages between the IM server and any Jabber-compatible IM client are secured using SSL/TLS encryption. VisNetic MailServer's IM server can also be enabled, via a gateway, to work with ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and MSN IM servers.

  • Speed, Power and Security
    VisNetic MailServer is a multithreaded application, featuring multiple CPU support and an innovative High Speed Memory Mode. It processes email faster than any of its competitors, period. It supports ODBC connections, multiple domains and POP3, SMTP, IMAP, LDAP, HTTP and WAP email protocols. VMS includes support for secure TLS/SSL connections, encrypting email messages between servers and servers and clients, and powerful remote administration options, giving administrators complete control of the mail server through a secure browser connection.
Who is VisNetic MailServer for?
VisNetic MailServer will meet the existing and future email needs of any organization. It is extremely affordable for small to medium sized businesses and is capable of scaling to match an increasing number of users, higher email volume, and more stringent antispam requirements.