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What is DNS2Go?

DNS2Go is a Dynamic DNS service provided by Deerfield.com that makes possible what was previously impossible - any Internet user can now own a domain name, even if they have a dynamic IP address (one that changes periodically).

Once they have the ability to point visitors to their computer regardless of the current IP address, DNS2Go users can utilize their PCs to host web, FTP, email, or other services such as Internet games or remote access. DNS2Go allows Internet users to make whatever content and services they want available to the public - quickly, and affordably.

What Does DNS2Go Do?

DNS2Go enables Internet-connected PCs to host practically any type of content or service:

  • A personal website for sharing photos, content, and more
  • An FTP server for exchanging files
  • An email server for email accounts at your domain
  • An Internet game server
  • Much more!

The installation of a small piece of software on the host computer allows the DNS2Go service to track the computer's IP address - no matter how often it changes. The DNS2Go service then ensures that the user's domain name always points to the host PC.

DNS2Go even works behind firewalls and routers, and offers facilities for getting around ISP port blocking policies. DNS2Go supports multiple domains, URL redirection, and multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.)!

For one low price, DNS2Go users can have either:

  • A DNS2Go sub-domain (e.g. yourname.dns2go.com)
  • A full-fledged top-level domain (e.g. your-family-name.com)

Who is DNS2Go for?

  • Broadband users with a desire to maximize the value of their Internet connection sharing
  • Website developers who wish to run a web server as a launching pad for their work
  • Small businesses that have Internet connectivity, but lack a static IP address
  • Power users wanting to experiment with hosting their own services on their PC
  • Service subscribers currently paying for hosted services and wanting to avoid the associated costs and hassles
  • Anyone who wants to host Internet services from their PC today, regardless of connection type (modem, cable, DSL, satellite, etc.).