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Setup Instant Messenger Group Chat

  • From the 'Instant Messaging' tab, select the 'Services' button.
  • Create a conference entry as follows:
    history=*;c:\Program files\\visnetic mailserver\Logs\{Room}@{Service}.log
  • Save the configuration file.
  • From the 'System' tab, stop then start the 'Instant Messaging' service.
  • Within JAJC, go 'offline' then back 'online'.
  • Right click the JAJC tray icon and select 'Join/Create groupchat'.
  • Enter the IM server or IP address, the Room you want to create or enter, your Nickname (must match your IM login name) and IM password (the Description is optional). Click 'OK' when finished.
  • In the resulting dialog, click the 'Invite' menu and select the users you would like to invite to the groupchat.

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