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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the Outlook Connector?
  • Can I share my Outlook calendar using VisNetic GroupWare?
  • Do my VisNetic MailServer and VisNetic GroupWare license sizes have to match?
  • How do I purchase a VisNetic GroupWare registered license key?
  • How do I enable the VisNetic GroupWare trial?
  • Where is the new calendaring functionality?
  • Where can I find new documentation?
  • Where can I find the status of my Upgrade Protection?
  • Will my existing VisNetic MailServer license key work in version 7?
  • What is new in VisNetic MailServer 7x?
  • Can I install version 7 on top of my existing VisNetic MailServer installation?
  • On the Delivery Tab in VisNetic MailServer 6 what is: Close Connections for RBL Sessions?
  • Why is VisNetic MailServer rejecting email with an "Permission Denied" error message?
  • Why is VisNetic MailServer rejecting email with a "Permission Denied" error message?
  • Why is VisNetic MailServer rejecting email with an "Access not allowed" error message?
  • Why am I receiving this error in Outlook 2002/XP when sending/receiving? Task iServer - Sending and Receiving reported error (0x800CCC0F) : The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or
  • I am getting the error "Invalid Server Certificate" when sending email. What is causing this?
  • When users log on to VisNetic WebMail, my server either locks up or reboots. What is wrong?
  • We cannot receive email to users in the BCC field. The message is always routed to the postmaster account. Is there something configured incorrectly?
  • How do I upgrade to the latest version of VisNetic MailServer?
  • How do I setup VisNetic MailServer to collect from my ISP?
  • Whenever a user logs into VisNetic WebMail, they get an incorrect user error. They can collect in other email clients with the same username and password. What is wrong?
  • The Redirect option does not seem to be working. Did I configure it wrong?
  • How do I logon to WAPMail?
  • Does VisNetic WebMail work with Netscape?
  • WebMail is not working at all. I keep getting "Page cannot be displayed, Internal server error". What does that mean?
  • Why isnít the server monitor working?
  • Where are the thread settings in VisNetic MailServer?
  • What do I enter in the MailServer Hostname field in the System tab?
  • Why is my client unable to ETRN itís mail from the VisNetic MailServer
  • Why am I unable to start the WebMail Server?
  • Why is the Watchdog feature not working?
  • Sometimes I cannot send an email to the recipient and I am getting the response: 500 Syntax Error, Command not supported.
  • What do the filenames in the Forward directory mean?
  • After installing Norton Non-Corporate I am unable to collect mail?
  • What does enabling the option DENY Telnet do?
  • Can I block certain connections from a domain or IP address?
  • Can VisNetic MailServer make use of a connection that is already connected?
  • Where can I configure POP before SMTP?
  • Do I need to create a List Server to have a mailing list?
  • How can I setup per domain administrators?
  • How can I setup VisNetic MailServer to use a secure TSL connection?
  • Does VisNetic MailScan for SMTP work with the VisNetic MailServer?
  • Why am I unable to send large attachments with the VisNetic WebMail, over 5MB?
  • Where do I enter the VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in license key?
  • Where do I enter the VisNetic MailServer license key?
  • Where are the options for configuring the ODBC?
  • I am unable to start the SMTP server, why?
  • How can I run the WebMail for VisNetic MailServer without having to enter :32000 at the end of the URL?
  • How can the log files be viewed?
  • How can I block certain attachments from being sent through the VisNetic MailServer?
  • Sometimes I receive the same email multiple times. Why is this happening?
  • I have problems running the VisNetic MailServer on port 80 when running IIS 5 Web Sites on the same server.
  • I cannot send and I am getting the message We do not relay
  • What is the Firewall feature in the VisNetic MailServer?
  • How can I monitor a particular userís email for security purposes?
  • Can an account be setup to Expire at a certain time?
  • Can the number of messages sent per day per user be limited?
  • Can there be a limit set to the amount of bytes of data a user account can send per day?
  • Can per domain administrators be setup?
  • What is Watchdog in the VisNetic MailServer?
  • How do I require end users to authenticate?
  • Where can I enable the VisNetic MailServer to use ESMTP (Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)?
  • Where is the option located to remotely connect to a remote VisNetic MailServer?
  • What is "Tarpitting" and what is it used for in VisNetic MailServer?

    VisNetic GroupWare users who wish to share Outlook calendars, tasks, notes and contacts can synchronize their VisNetic WebMail and Outlook email clients using the Outlook Connector.
    No. MailServer and GroupWare license sizes may be different. For example, a company running VisNetic MailServer for 100 email account holders may wish to limit collaboration tools to a select, smaller group of employees (managers, project leaders, etc.). In this example, the company may choose to purchase a VisNetic GroupWare license for 12 or 25 users.
    You may purchase a VisNetic GroupWare license online.
    VisNetic MailServer upgraders who wish to trial VisNetic GroupWare free for 30 days, can request a trial key. Note, in order to retrieve your VisNetic GroupWare trial key, you will need the Server Reference Key of your VisNetic MailServer installation. The Server Reference Key is located under License Information in the MailServer configuration screen.
    VisNetic GroupWare, a separately licensed component of VisNetic MailServer, must be enabled with a trial key or a registered license key. Once enabled, you can access the calendar via WebMail.
    New VisNetic MailServer Manuals are available online.
    The number of days remaining in your Upgrade Protection period is listed under License Information in the MailServer configuration screen. If the number is greater than zero, your Upgrade Protection is current. If the number is zero or less, your Upgrade Protection has expired.
    This will depend on two things: 1) the status of your Upgrade Protection and 2) the version you are currently running. If your Upgrade Protection is current and you are presently running VisNetic MailServer 6x, your 6x license key will work in version 7x. If your Upgrade Protection is current and you are presently running VisNetic MailServer 5x, your 5x license key will not work in version 7x. You must retrieve a new 7x key. If your Upgrade Protection has expired, your existing license key (regardless of version number) will not work in VisNetic MailServer 7x. You must upgrade your existing license.
    Yes. However, before any version upgrade, it is recommended that you backup your configuration files and make a copy of your license key. Note, in the v7 installer, you will be presented the option to import an existing configuration. Previously, administrators were required to configure basic settings during install and then import saved settings later, duplicating effort.
    This is similar to Tarpitting but for black listed IPs. When enabled VMS remembers the IP that was found on the black list and denies it for the next time (so a spammer isn''t able to connect to a servermultiple times if on a black list).
    The IP or domain is being blocked because it is listed either in the Spam Filter or the Firewall. Please check both settings under the Security tab to be sure that the IP or domain isn''t listed.
    The IP or domain is being blocked because it is listed either in the Firewall. Please click the Firewall Settings button under the Security tab or button to be sure that the IP or domain is not listed.
    The IP or domain is being blocked because it is either listed in the helo/ehlo.dat file or the Spam Filter. You can find the helo/ehlo.dat file under the Options button or tab and the Other Options button. Click on the button to the right of ''''Use HELO/EHLO Host Filter''''. Remove the IP or domain name of the server that is being rejected. Save the file. The Spam Filter is under the Security button or tab and the Spam Filter button.
    This is because VisNetic MailServer is a very fast mail server and although all supported Internet protocols are synchronous and work properly with most mail clients, there are some mail clients that get confused by the speed of VisNetic MailServer. Please go to the System button or tab and click on the Service Settings button. Increase the Protocol Response Delay to 10 milliseconds. Cycle the SMTP and POP3/IMAP services and try again. If that doesnít solve the issue, you may increase the Protocol Response Delay in increments of 10 but no higher than 50 milliseconds.
    This is a known issue. You can enable the option "SSL - Bug workaround options" in VisNetic MailServer. This option is under the System tab. Click the Service Settings button and it is down at the bottom.
    If you are able to logon to VisNetic WebMail on the server without any issues then the problem is with the NIC. We have seen the same issue with some Linksys and Netgear NIC's. Unfortunately the only solution is to replace the NIC.
    BCC only works with SMTP mail. By definition, the carbon copy is 'Blind'. There are no headers in the message which can be parsed using the POP3 method that would provide the address.

    The only hope for these kinds of messages is to get the ISP to stamp the message file with the delivery information from the SMTP session during delivery to the ISP. For example, when the person sends the BCC message to the ISP hosting the mail, some of them stamp a header called 'Delivered-To:' into the message. VisNetic MailServer could pick up on such a header if it existed.
    In the VMS Configuration console click Help\Check for updates. This will run through the entire upgrade. It will also prompt you to make a backup.
    KB article 2033 will answer this question
    Check to make sure that the wmi.ini file is located in either C:\windows or C:\WINNT. VisNetic WebMail needs this file to operate.
    The Redirect feature only works when collecting email via SMTP. If you are collecting from a remote host, the Redirect will not work.
    To logon to WAPMail, you have to use the server IP or hostname. WAPMail runs on port 32000 just like WebMail. To access WAPMail use:

    * is only an example. Please enter the server IP or hostname in this field.
    Yes, however, the VisNetic theme in WebMail doesn't work when using Netscape. You can only use the Standard theme with Netscape and VisNetic WebMail. To change the theme, logon to the WebMail Admin. http://localhost:32000/mail/admin

    Click on Preferences and from the drop-down menu, select the Standard theme. Then click Save Changes.
    WebMail does not function on Win 95/98 operation systems.
    The Server Monitor feature in VisNetic MailServer does not function on Win 95/98 operating systems.
    The thread settings are under the System tab. You can access them by clicking on the Service Settings button. To view a more complete description of the thread settings, please view page 39 of the VisNetic MailServer online manual. Available from the following URL:
    The MailServer Hostname is used during the communication to identify the server. The MailServer Hostname is also known as the HELO protocol. Typically you would enter the primary domain of the MailServer.
    The proper format for the client to pass for ETRN to the VisNetic MailServer is domain (space) password. For example, letís say the mail server the client is collecting from is with an ETRN domain of and a password of 1234. The client would be setup to ETRN ďmail.Deerfield.comĒ with the parameters ď 1234Ē.
    If you are running the WebMail server on a Windows 95 or 98 pc, WebMail will not run. Currently WebMail has to run under Windows NT/2000 or XP.
    Make sure that you have the Control service started under the System tab. This is needed for the Watchdog feature to run.
    This is not VisNetic MailServer error, but the error of a router or proxy server between the VisNetic MailServer and the mail recipient.

    VisNetic MailServer is sending an email with the ESMTP protocol by default. This is the best way to send email, but problems appear if the mail is going through the router or proxy server, which is non compliant with the RFC821 specification. The router or proxy server will respond to VisNetic MailServer: 500 Syntax Error, Command not supported.


    Disable ESMTP in the VisNetic MailServer configuration under the Security tab.

    The message files in VMS are .tmp files. The format is as follows:


    The 0 can change depending on the amount of times VMS has tried to send it. If the filename changes to a .tm$, then it is being processed.

    Norton non-corporate will interfere with the POP3 service in VMS. To avoid this you will have to uninstall the remote checking feature. For more information on uninstalling the remote checking feature please go to
    When you disable the Telnet sessions, the mail server will not accept Telnet commands. A user will be able to establish a connection using telnet, but the server will not accept any commands once the session is established.
    Yes, VisNetic MailServer has the ability to stop connections made by domains or IP addresses specified by the user under the Security tab using the Firewall option.
    Yes, while there are no options to enable or disable this, VisNetic MailServer can see if a connection is already connected before it tries to send or receive mail.
    By default, POP before SMTP is enabled and set for 15 minutes. You can adjust these settings by going to the Delivery tab within VisNetic MailServer.
    No, not if you are going to manually setup the list. The List Server is used to accept list commands via email. This would include such commands as Subscribe and Unsubscribe commands. If you want users to be able to subscribe and unsubscribe via email, then you would have to create a List Server.
    This is setup under the Accounts in VisNetic MailServer. Select the Accounts tab and expand the domain the account is listed under. Expand the Users and select the user account. Under the user accountís Special tab use the drop-down arrow and select Domain Administrator and Save your changes.
    The VisNetic MailServer is going to use try to use a secure TSL connection by default on port 465. If the remote server does not support this secure connection, then the VisNetic MailServer will use a standard SMTP connection on port 25.
    Yes, VisNetic MailScan for SMTP is designed to work with any SMTP mail server, including VisNetic MailServer.
    The default 'Max Message Size' in WebMail is 5000kb (5mb), which is most likely your issue.

    To change this setting; log into WebMail http://localhost:32000/mail/ as an administrator, select 'Settings'. Scroll to the bottom and select 'Administrator Settings'. Modify the 'Max Message Size' setting. Click the 'Save Settings' button and then try to send the attachment again.

    This is input in the VisNetic MailServer configuration console under the Info tab. Click the AV License button and input the license key.
    This is input in the VisNetic MailServer configuration console under the Info tab. Click on the 'Server License' button and enter your license key.
    This is located in the VisNetic configuration console under the Professional tab. If you do not have a Professional tab, you would need to upgrade the license to a Pro version.
    A possible cause for this could be another service running on port 25 on the server. If you are running IIS, check in Windows Services and check for any SMTP services that are running, such as SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Select to stop the service and set the startup properties to disabled. Then you should be able to start the VisNetic MailServerís SMTP service.
    You would have to change the default port from 32000 to 80 and from 32001 to 443 (SSL). This is done in the VisNetic configuration console under the System tab. Adjust the Control Port to 80 and the Control SSL Port to 443.
    From the VisNetic MailServer configuration console select the Options tab. Under the logging section select 'Open Log Directory'.
    You would have to setup a Content Filter to Reject specific attachments. For example, if you wanted to reject .exe, .bat, .com, .vbs and scr follow the below:

    Select Content Filter under the Security tab. Define the rule in the Title: field. E.g. Reject attachments

    Make sure Reject is enabled under the Action section. Click FiltersÖThen click Filter...

    The Item: would be Attachment. Select Contains List with the drop-down arrow. Enter the attachment types in the Text: field, separating multiple attachments with semi-colons. E.g. .exe;.com;.vbs;.bat;.scr

    Your mail server is probably running behind a Cisco PIX firewall with the Mailguard feature turned on.

    Cisco has confirmed that there is a known problem with this configuration that will occasionally cause mail loops on selected email messages.
    Contact the firewall administrators and ask them to remove this line:
    default fixup smtp 25
    from the configuration or enter the command:
    no fixup protocol smtp 25
    on the PIX server. This action will stop the looping email messages.
    If you want to run the VisNetic MailServer and IIS 5 on the same server using the same HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP ports, you must disable the IIS 5 socket pooling.

    To disable the IIS 5 socket pooling, follow the below instructions:
    • Open folder \Inetpub\Adminscripts
    • Run cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/disablesocketpooling true
    • Stop and start the IISAdmin and WWW service (or reboot :-)).
    Please consult the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for more information:
    This can be due to the POP before SMTP security feature or the Relaying From feature. If it is the POP before SMTP feature, the mail client must check for new mail first before it is allowed to send mail. In Outlook for example there is an option under the account propertyís Server tab My server requires authentication that can be enabled.

    If it is the Relaying From feature, then in the VisNetic MailServer configuration console select the Delivery tab. If the Relaying From option is enabled, then the message senderís IP address or domain would have to be listed.

    The Firewall feature is to allow only specific IP addresses from connecting or not connecting to the VisNetic MailServer. If the Grant checkbox is unchecked the listed IPs will not be able to connect. If the Grant checkbox IS checked, only the listed IPs will be able to connect.
    You can create a Content Filter to copy any emails to a specific email address for the user that you are monitoring. This is setup in the VisNetic MailServer under the Security tab.

    Select the Content Filter button and select Add. Give the rule a title and check the Continue box and uncheck the Reject box under the Action section. Select the FiltersÖ button and then select Add. Select the FilterÖ button and for the item you would select Any Header and select Contains. Enter the particular userís email address in the Text: field and select OK. Click OK. In the Forward To: field enter the administrators email address you want the message copied to and click OK.

    Yes. This is setup in the VisNetic MailServer under the particular accountís Special tab. Enable the option Account valid till. The format is yyyy/mm/dd (y=year, m=month, d=date).
    Yes. This can be set under the particular user accountís Options tab with the option Number send limit per day.
    Yes. This can be set on a per account basis. Under the particular user accountís Options tab you can limit the Megabyte send limit per day.
    Yes. In the VisNetic MailServer select the particular user account and click on the Special tab. For the User Type: select Domain Administrator and Save your changes.
    Watchdog is a checking option that is used to restart services in the event they fail. The option is located under the VisNetic MailServerís Security tab. In order for the Watchdog functionality to work the Control service must also be running.
    VisNetic MailServer requires SMTP authentication by default. If you need to disable this for any reason, the option is located in the VisNetic configuration console under the Security tabís Security section.
    The VisNetic MailServer uses ESMTP by default. It the remote server does not accept ESMTP, then VisNetic MailServer will issue SMTP.
    From within the VisNetic MailServer configuration console select the System tab. Click on the Connect button and enter the required data into the fields and select connect.
    When Tarpitting is active, VisNetic MailServer checks for unsuccessful attempts to deliver messages to unknown users by external or local non-existing users. If the number of attempts in a session exceeds the entry in the Count field, the IP address of the sender will be remembered within a cache for the Period specified and no access from that IP address will be allowed within the period.

    This option serves as a protection from spammers trying to Spam your mail server accounts. Spammers usually have a dictionary of aliases they try to deliver to your domain. Once the count of unknown aliases exceeds the limit they will not be able to Spam you for the given period of time.


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