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Installing VisNetic Firewall

It is a good idea to make a list of the software most often used on the Internet. VisNetic Firewall will allow specific applications to be allowed to access the Internet. It is also a good idea to get the specific ports the application uses.

The software vendor can provide this information. If the ports cannot be determined, there are workarounds.

Also see VisNetic Firewall article 1999 for pre-installation tips.

Once have the list of programs and where they are installed on the computer, download VisNetic Firewall.

After the download is complete, the file can be found in the target folder (generally on the desktop). Double click this file to begin the installation.

Once the installation is complete, the configuration wizard will begin. This configuration wizard will ask a series of questions about every adapter in the computer. Answer these questions as completely as possible (changes can be made later).

One of the last questions you will be asked is whether or not you would like VisNetic Firewall to block or allow traffic when it (VisNetic Firewall) is not running. The best suggestion to answer this question is to select block. If for some reason the firewall is turned off, your computer will still be protected by the firewall. However, Internet applications will not be able to pass through the firewall at this time.

Restart your computer. This is suggested since the settings of VisNetic Firewall will not go into effect until the computer is restarted.

After the restart, the VisNetic Firewall icon will appear in the system tray. If you double click on this icon it will bring up the User Interface of VisNetic Firewall. Since VisNetic Firewall can be set up as a Service, the firewall could already be detecting packets in the log window.

Allowing programs to access the Internet

If there are additional programs that need to be configured for the Internet, you will need to know what port number that program uses. Since VisNetic Firewall is a port-based firewall, these are required when allowing traffic through the firewall, as is the destination of the packet.

When creating a rule for VisNetic Firewall, 5 things are needed:

  • Source port
  • Source address
  • Destination port
  • Destination address
  • Type of packet
For example, a rule for sending mail will have your address as the source address since you are sending the mail, port will be a dynamic port (1024-65,535) since mail clients send mail on dynamic ports. The destination address is your mail server's IP address and the destination port for sending mail is 25. The protocol is TCP.

When creating a rule based off of an entry in the log, the protocol will be listed here. If you are contacting the software vendor for that program, you will want to get the type of protocol the software uses as well. That is the only information that is needed when creating a rule for sending mail. Just remember to get the 5 parts the rule needs.
To ensure only the firewall's Administrator can make changes to the firewall, configure a password. To do this;
  1. Click File in the menu bar to open a drop down menu
  2. Highlight Security to open a sub menu
  3. Click Password Required and set the password here.
This will force the password to be entered before anything can be viewed or changed.

This rule set can be saved, in case there is ever a need to reinstall the software, or if it needs to be moved to a different computer.
  1. Click the file to highlight it
  2. Click the save as option, this will ask you to name the file that contains your rules.
    Note: If for some reason you are going to reinstall the software you will want to save this file in a different directory than the default, since this directory is removed after the uninstall.
To import your rules, there are two options. During the install you can import your rules or after the installation you can click on the Import button and import your rules; either will bring your rules back from the state they were in when you saved them originally.

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