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Enabling Super-Service with VisNetic MailFlow

The role of agents, groups, and security (Page 6 of 9)

VisNetic MailFlow uses the concept of "agents" and "groups" to define the individual representatives of your organization and any groups of which they are members. Typically, a unique agent is created for each organizational representative.

Each VisNetic MailFlow agent has a unique set of preferences that they can customize, including:
  • The current display theme, which provides the "look and feel" of the user interface
  • Default maximum number of rows to display during searching, reporting, etc.
  • Whether email message replies should "quote" the original message (and what quote prefix character should be used)
  • Creation of arbitrary number of agent signatures (used in email messages), and designation of a default signature
  • Which public ticketboxes are accessible to the agent via "My Shortcuts"
  • Which other agent views are accessible via "My Shortcuts"; this allows managers or supervisors to review the activity of other agents
Agents are automatically assigned to the "everyone" group when created, which provides them with a basic set of access rights within the system. Additional groups can be created, to which agents are assigned as members. Access rights can then be applied to entire groups, rather than specific agents, to ease administrative overhead.

Access rights can be customized to provide specific users and groups with a specific level of access to various system elements, such as ticketboxes.

A built-in group, called "Administrators", provides member agents with full access to administrative functions within the VisNetic MailFlow system. Administrators can create and delete users & groups, routing rules, etc.

Other VisNetic MailFlow security-related features include:
  • IP address access restrictions, which can prevent agents from logging into the system from unauthorized locations
  • Use of HTTPS (secure HTTP protocol) can be enforced, providing an extra level of security at the protocol level
  • Session locking, which prevents an agent from logging in from more than one IP address
  • Active session listing, which allows administrators to view agents with active connections (and their IP addresses)
Through administrative settings, an agent can also be required to use the "get oldest" button in any public ticketbox (this feature can also be engaged on a per-ticketbox basis). This helps to ensure that agents aren't selectively picking tickets from public ticketboxes based upon their contents.

Benefit: Agents, groups, and security work together to provide a flexible and secure working environment within VisNetic MailFlow, without sacrificing ease-of-use.

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