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Enabling Super-Service with VisNetic MailFlow

Reporting, logging, and alerting (Page 8 of 9)

VisNetic MailFlow strives to provide empowering information to agents, supervisors, and administrators through its robust reporting, logging, and alerting facilities. While managers seek to analyze the flow of business correspondence and increase accountability, system administrators require the means to expedite troubleshooting efforts and receive notification of important events.

VisNetic MailFlow supports a range of built-in reports that can provide valuable insight into the operational aspects of the system. Built-in report types include:
  • Daily inbound and outbound email trend analysis
  • Average number of messages per ticket, reported by day, week, month, or year
  • History reports, which provide insights into the flow of email by ticketbox, agent, or contact
  • Open ticket reporting
Reports can either be viewed directly on-screen, or exported for analysis within third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel.

VisNetic MailFlow also provides highly configurable and integrated logging facilities, allowing administrators the ability to fine-tune the type of information logged, as well as the level of detail.

Specific levels of log entry severity can be enabled for the various built-in log entry types. For example, system administrators can decide to log only warning, error, and critical-error event severities for all log entry types. The informational severity level could also be enabled for specific log entry types such as "outbound messaging" and "inbound messaging", which would provide more granular details about email server communications.

An integrated log viewer allows administrators to review captured log information, which can be filtered by log entry type and severity, as well as start time.

For system events which may require more immediate attention, VisNetic MailFlow provides powerful alerting functionality. Alerts can be configured by system administrators to provide notification of important events, including:
  • Low and high ticketbox watermarks
  • Ticket age
  • Product registration
  • Low disk space
  • Inbound and outbound message delivery
  • General critical errors
Notifications can either be sent via internal means or to an external email address. Alert recipients can be designated as either agents or groups defined within the system. Internal alerts are made available via an "alerts" shortcut, where they can be viewed and eventually cleared.

Benefit: Analyze trends, extend business intelligence, and increase accountability through the built-in reporting facilities of VisNetic MailFlow. Improve response times to important events and expedite troubleshooting processes with the alerting and logging features.

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