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Enabling Super-Service with VisNetic MailFlow

Powerful web-based architecture (Page 9 of 9)

VisNetic MailFlow leverages the ubiquity of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser to provide a responsive, zero-footprint client interface to the system. Usability is advanced, yet intuitive and familiar, maximizing the productivity of new and experienced agents alike.

VisNetic MailFlow interoperates with the two leading Windows web server vendors, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and's own VisNetic Web Server. Both web server platforms provide a stable and robust foundation upon which VisNetic MailFlow builds its powerful presentation layer.

Compatible database platforms include Microsoft SQL Server and MSDE (the Microsoft Data Engine). While the former provides a very scalable alternative and is in widespread use, the latter provides a free alternative for smaller organizations and can be easily upsized to SQL Server later if warranted.

Benefit: Enable agents with an effective email management framework, regardless of their physical location. Minimize deployment expense with a zero-footprint, web-native client interface.

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