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Enabling Super-Service with VisNetic MailFlow

Introduction - Opportunities & Challenges (Page 1 of 9)

The Internet provides streamlined, cost-effective channels for delivering products and services to customers. As a result, today's customers are progressively more Internet-savvy, and it's increasingly likely that many of them are (or will be) reaching out to you via email.

In fact, email and web-based communications are growing faster than any other means of customer interaction. Used correctly, email has the capacity to help you deliver quality online service, establish lasting customer relationships, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and even reduce service costs.

But this evolution of communications does not come without risks. Effectively managing email is critical to your organization's ongoing ability to service customers. The customer of today is increasingly familiar with your competitors, and is no longer willing to wait for you to get back to them. From the moment an email-based customer inquiry reaches your company, the clock is ticking. You must have the capacity to:
  • Answer customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, despite potentially high volumes of email
  • Answer customer inquiries accurately, with information relevant to the customer's needs
  • Build and sustain lasting relationships with your customers
Traditional email, however, fails to provide a framework for efficient and successful customer interaction. In the traditional model, email communications are dispersed and isolated, and opportunities to manage, facilitate, and standardize customer interactions are practically non-existent.

As you research means of managing the opportunities and problems of email-based customer communications, you will also find that the successful formula differs considerably from a traditional call-center service. There are new concepts and models which, when used properly, can greatly enhance your online customer service capability.

VisNetic MailFlow offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of modern email-based customer interaction. And it does it all via an intuitive, zero-footprint, web-based interface. This document describes the features of VisNetic MailFlow, and how it can empower your organization.

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