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Enabling Super-Service with VisNetic MailFlow

Handling tickets in ticketboxes (Page 5 of 9)

The VisNetic MailFlow ticketbox is a powerful construct, providing the basic storage mechanism for tickets and their associated messages. Your agents will have the task of handling the tickets contained within various ticketboxes.

Any number of public ticketboxes can be created to organize the flow of email into your organization. Examples of public ticketboxes include "sales", "info", "support", etc.

From within public ticketboxes, any agent with proper permissions can assume ownership of tickets or answer messages directly (without taking ownership). Agents can also be assigned ownership of tickets directly by routing rules. Tickets owned by a specific agent will be accessible via the agent's "My Tickets" shortcut.

Ticketboxes also have a number of other very useful features, such as:
  • Headers and footers can be automatically added to outbound messages
  • Ticketboxes can send alerts to designated agents when contained messages reach a certain age
  • The ability to send auto-replies, either immediately or based upon ticket backlog
  • Require that agents use the "get oldest" feature, which effectively forces agents to answer oldest tickets first
  • Send low and high watermark alerts, which can notify key personnel to minimum and/or maximum open ticket conditions
Another way that VisNetic MailFlow improves agent ticket-handling accuracy and efficiency is through the powerful Standard Response Library. This feature allows your agents to develop a categorized collection of effective responses to user inquiries, which can be inserted into outbound messages at any time. Each agent's most frequently used standard responses are tracked automatically.

Benefit: Combined with VisNetic MailFlow's powerful routing rule architecture, ticketboxes organize the flow of email into your organization. The Standard Response Library directly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of agent responses to customer inquiries.

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