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Version 8 Elevates 3CX to the Forefront of PBX Functionality and Value
New version 8 completes unified communications offering with text chat, remote phone management, CRM integration, find me/follow me and call center features

Gaylord, MI –, North American Distributors of 3CX, today announced a new version of the VoIP PBX for Windows, 3CX Phone System. With the new instant messaging feature, 3CX Phone System becomes a complete VoIP Unified Communications Solution. Other new features include improved IP phone management & provisioning, integrated soft phone, the ability to barge in to a call and the popular find me/follow me feature.

“The 3CX Phone System community continues to grow rapidly and appeal to all sizes of organizations – it’s now installed in more then 10,000 companies worldwide and version 8 can scale up to 512 simultaneous calls and 2000+ extensions on a single server. The new version increases employee productivity and at the same time reduces TCO because of its easy administration.” said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO “Customers already report significant savings, and with support for lower cost VoIP gateways and the prices of IP phones coming done, ROI will accelerate even further.”

“While low cost of implementation and ongoing administration have always been the leading motivators for new 3CX customers, what you can do with the 3CX version 8 feature set is now equally compelling,” said Mike Deerfield, CEO of Deerfield – 3CX North American Distributors. “The find me/follow me feature is one that is particularly significant. The days of workers being in the office from 9 to 5 are long gone, and it is now a necessity that your phone system be able to accommodate today’s mobile workforce. Using this new feature, when someone reaches your extension 3CX can first ring your office phone, and if you don’t answer try you at a different number, such as your mobile phone. If you don’t answer, the call is routed back to the 3CX server and the caller leaves a voicemail. The new iteration of the Call Assistant software is also breaking new grounds; now you can see the availability of other extensions, transfer or record a call, and even IM with other extensions on your 3CX network, in the office or remotely!”

Other new features:
  • Prioritized hunt Queue strategy to allow for skills based routing
  • New 3CX Assistant now includes ability to record a call (even if call is held on an IP phone), integrated soft phone, corporate and personal phonebook for easy launching of calls.
  • Ability to scale up to 512 simultaneous calls on a single server
  • Full CRM integration with Microsoft Outlook &
  • Call Barge – in
  • Ring All Queue strategy
  • Calls forwarded to a mobile can be sent to company voice mail if not answered or refused
  • Ability to run the 3CX Assistant from a remote location via the tunnel
  • Revamped MyPhone User portal with new pages for Outbound/Inbound/Missed calls and new, easier to use, Call Forwarding interface
  • Extended MyPhone portal with an extension monitoring page so that presence can be monitored from anywhere and from any operating system.
  • Ability to black list callers
  • Company and Personal phonebook for easy launching of calls
  • Provision personal phonebook to selected IP phones
  • Improved IP Phone management: Monitor all connected IP phones and re provision or reboot if necessary.
  • Secure RTP – ability to encrypt voice
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